Dog Boarding in Appleton

Looking for dog boarding in Appleton for your fur babies? Instead of putting your dogs into Kennels, why not board them with Appleton Paws in the comfort of a lovely Appleton home, with dog lovers and where they will receive infinite cuddles and walks every day.  Whether they need looking after for the day or whether you need us to have them for a few nights, they will be cared for 24 hours a day and will never be left for more than an hour or two. They will sleep with us in our homes as if they were at home.

You would need to supply their normal bedding or bed, please do not wash them just before dropping them off as a bed that smells of home is more comforting. Also enough food for their stay would need to be provided. They would get two hour walks a day at least and LOTS of cuddles.

Note: Prior to agreeing to Board your dog, we would introduce your dogs to our dogs to make sure they get along.

Henbury Gardens, Dog Boarding in Appleton
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Per Night for 1 Dog
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Per Night for 2 Dogs