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Dog Walker in Appleton, Warrington

Bow-wow! Our pup paradise’s rates are tailored to your four-legged friend’s walking needs. Whether they fancy a quick sniff-around for £20 during a 30-minute stroll or prefer a full-hour adventure for £30, we’ve got their tails covered.

Though we might not be the cheapest in the Appleton dog-walking scene, you and your pooch will surely get your money’s worth. The experience we offer is filled with affection, care, and safety.

Our walking policy promises your pup receives exclusive attention — it’s always one dog at a time. That means your furry family member gets all the pats, praises, and pamperings they require.

And it’s not only about walking! We ensure they get their dose of daily exercise too. Whether your pet needs a quick walk around the block or a marathon session to exhaust their boundless energy, we’re ready to jog alongside them. Seeing your dog’s joy is the greatest gratification we could ask for!


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