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Dog Sitter in Warrington


Woof-woof! Our canine retreat’s prices are adjusted to your furry friend’s at-home sitting needs in Warrington. Whether they enjoy a leisurely lounge for £20 per hour in their favourite spot or a full-on playtime in the comfort of their own home, we’ve got their wagging tails covered.

While we may not be the least expensive in the Warrington at-home dog-sitting scene, both you and your pooch will undoubtedly feel you’ve invested wisely. The experience we offer is packed with warmth, vigilance, and safety.

Our at-home sitting policy ensures your pup gets undivided attention — it’s always one-on-one, one dog at a time. That means your furry family member gets all the belly rubs, praises, and pamperings they crave, right in their own space.

But it’s not just about sitting! We make certain they also get their fill of daily exercise too. Whether your pet is in the mood for a playful game of fetch in the garden or a long session of tug-of-war to expend their limitless zest, we’re ready to play along. Seeing your dog’s contentment in their own home is the most rewarding pleasure we could ask for!


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