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Dog Boarding in Appleton

Woof-woof! The cost to come and play at our tail-waggin’ retreat depends on your pup’s size, how often they like to go on walkies, and the length of the routes they prefer. The average rate to have a pawsome day and night with us is around 50GBP.

While we might not be the budget option for dog boarding in Appleton, we believe that you and your pooch get what you pay for in Appleton. And what you get with us is a whole lot of love, care, and security.

  1. At our dog boarding haven, we promise to host only one fur-baby at a time. That means your dog gets 100% of the love, cuddles, and attention they deserve.
  2. And it’s not just about sleepovers! We make sure your little adventurer gets plenty of exercise too. We’ll keep their tails wagging with as many walks as they need, and for as long as they love. If your four-legged friend needs to cover 10km a day, then we’ll happily trot right alongside them. Your pup’s happiness is our biggest reward!

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